The Pennsylvania State Association of Boroughs’ Education and Development Department is tasked with providing accessible, affordable, and practical educational opportunities through various formats to municipal officials and employees in order to help them perform their duties and serve their communities more effectively.

Training has been a core mission of the Association since its inception in 1911. The Education & Development Department has partnered with national, state and local government organizations as well as private sector businesses to provide the most current and up-to-date training across the state.

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PA State Association of Boroughs
2941 N. Front Street
Harrisburg, PA
Phone 717-236-9526

E.J. Knittel
Senior Director
Education and Sustainability
(800) 232-7722 Ext 1027

Theresa M. Dickow
Assistant Director
Education and Meetings
(800) 232-7722 Ext 1042

Josh Ehrman
Training and Education Associate
(800) 232-7722 Ext 1041